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Successful partnerships are essential to a business. Nowadays businesses grow very fast and there is not enough time to put in place an adequate contractual structure. Therefore, it is very easy to download a template contract, ignoring that these templates are drafted in order to suit a wide range of needs. This is the easiest way to risk facing critical legal issues and to be exposed to vulnerable contractual positions. Thanks to the legal experience acquired, we help businesses build strong business relationships thanks to good contractual structures.

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The "Best efforts" clauses

Maria Songül Akin

2022-10-21 11:18

In this article, we will talk briefly about the "best efforts" clauses and offer a number of practical tips on this topic.

Guide to non-compete agreements under Italian law
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Guide to non-compete agreements under Italian law

Maria Songül Akin

2022-10-17 12:25

Non-compete agreement - a simple practical guide

The revolving pledge agreement - new measures introduced by the Decree-Law 'Cura Italia' (D.L. no. 18/2020)
News, Legal updates, Decree-Law 'Cura Italia', revolving pledge agreement, pledge without posession, Italian Law no. 27/2020, revolving pledge agreement for PGO and PGI products, PGO and PGI products, pledge, Article 2786 Italian Civil Code, revolving clause,

The revolving pledge agreement - new measures introduced by the Decree-Law 'Cura Italia' (D.L. no. 18/2020)

Maria Songül Akin

2020-05-30 07:03

The Decree-Law 'Cura Italia' extended the possibility to enter into a revolving pledge agreement for all the Agri-Food products marked PGO and PGI

The penalty clause
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The penalty clause

Maria Songül Akin

2020-05-23 21:32

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